Rover P6's were not built in chassis number order however they are all now ‘Tax Exempt’ in the UK . They are also ‘MOT Exempt’ if you choose to do so

If you contact The Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon you can obtain a  'Dating Certificate'  which will show you when your P6 was actually built. For an extra charge you can also obtain a full Heritage Certificate for your P6 which will show all of the details recorded in the production records, this is based upon your chassis number. If you car was factory registered, there will also be details in the Rover Factory Registration Records.

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Please click on the image above to find out more about UK vehicle tax discs.

Our thanks to ‘Tax Disc, Velology’ for  use of this image.


As a follow on to Road Tax, this is what you need to do if you don’t have any.

Under current UK legislation, you will need to declare ‘SORN’ , that is ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’ if your vehicle is not taxed whether it is tax exempt or not.

You are also required to surrender your tax disc and declare SORN if your vehicle is not insured for the road.

You are permitted to have your car insured but not taxed as long as it is ‘Off Road’ and SORN has been declared.

Please make sure that your ‘Off Road’ parking is specifically yours and dedicated parking for you, because public car parks and grass verges don’t necessarily count, if you are unsure contact your local authority for clarification.

DVLA Vehicle Enquiry & SORN

If you find, buy or acquire a vehicle which is not listed on DVLA records by registration, you will need to apply for a registration number using the DVLA’s V765 Scheme.

The V765 requires an inspection by a DVLA Authorised Signatory and the appropriate paperwork needs to be verified and counter-signed before presentation to the DVLA.

We are able to carry out this work for you with the aid of the RSR [Rover Sports Register].

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Classic Inspection Services

As part of MGBD Services we also provide Valuation  Inspections and Insurance Valuations for  the Rover P6 car.

As Rover P6 enthusiasts, we have over 30 years experience of owning  driving, restoring, repairing and servicing Rover P6 cars of all models and as such are well equipped to provide this specialist service which you may need for your Insurance supplier or if you are planning to buy or sell a Rover P6.

We can carry out these Valuation Inspections in our workshop, so please contact us for more details on


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